Our History

Over the last two decades, Coto & Associates has contributed to the growth and development of our legal system with first-rate legal services and dedicated attorneys. Founded in January 1999, when Puerto Rico was on the brink of experiencing major economic transformations, Ramon Coto-Ojeda had the unyielding vision of granting vigorous and prompt resolutions to clients’ legal disputes regardless of their unparalleled complexities.

As economic turmoil overran the Island during the firm’s first decade, unprecedented legal challenges pervaded our courts of law. Puerto Rico’s delicate financial situation gave the firm the opportunity to expand its vision and focus on the development of alternate dispute resolution techniques in resolving clients’ disputes. Thus, it expanded its mediation and arbitration services, which afforded clients and other parties time-saving results. Given the Island’s precarious conditions, it had become apparent to the firm that expeditious and creative forms of conflict resolution were of the essence as well as continuing our role on other practice areas.

During this time, Coto & Associates multiplied its efforts, its achievements, and its legal expertise. Not limiting itself to a specific niche, the firm distinguished itself for having a sustained practice in Complex Commercial and Civil Litigation, Corporate Governance, Early Dispute Resolution and ADR, and General Consultation in our areas of practice.

Throughout its history, the firm has played an important role in the petroleum industry. Distinctly, it has worked with major network suppliers of gasoline and liquified petroleum gas of transnational prestige. From negotiating fuel and fuel oil contracts to managing relations with distributors and dealing with consumer complaints, the firm has been involved in almost every facet of the oil industry.

Coto & Associates has also made an international mark in multifarious ways. This has included handling client initiatives and trademarks in Cuba, as well as serving as the lead firm in antitrust matters running parallelly in several countries. Furthermore, the firm has dealt with diverse legal issues in conjunction with other law firms throughout the Caribbean Basin, and Central and South America.

Moreover, the firm represented one of the largest contractors on the Island, working closely with the Government of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean’s first-ever fully automated rapid transit system serving the Island’s metropolitan area known as the “Tren Urbano.”

Presently, Coto & Associates also partakes in a wave of legal challenges engendered by the devastation left by Hurricanes Irma and Maria and other natural disasters as well as the COVID pandemic. The firm has been working alongside its clients to help rebuild Puerto Rico.

Coto & Associates preserves its position as a first-rate legal counseling provider by offering and creating the legal solutions needed to surmount the challenges of tomorrow. Today, it stands proud while shaping the future of our community.

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