Sometimes litigation is your best option. Whether you are looking to enforce your rights or defend against a claim, you need someone on your side who can deftly navigate the legal system so that you can achieve the best possible outcome. With over 20 years of experience, Coto & Associates has the ability to take on complex commercial and civil claims that require personalized attention coupled with a deep knowledge of the law.

Cases Our Firm Handles

We are seasoned litigators, which means that our clients receive experienced guidance throughout the litigation process. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to handle complex cases, including the following:

  • Intellectual Property
  • Distribution and Sales representation agreements (Act 75 and Act 21).
  • Defense of Products and premises Liability claims
  • Antitrust and Trade Regulations
  • Bankruptcy
  • Contracts
  • Securities
  • Insurance litigation (Property & Automobile Collision)
  • Bid Award Challenges and defense
  • Petroleum Marketing
  • Personal injury and Torts
  • Construction
  • Food Claims
  • Environmental
  • Labor and Employment
  • Tax

Many of the cases we handle involve overlapping issues that cut across various areas of the law. Utilizing a team-based, interdisciplinary approach, we leverage the knowledge and experience of all the attorneys in our firm in order to provide unmatched legal representation focused on achieving results quickly and cost-effectively.

Personalized Litigation Representation

Every case is unique, but at Coto & Associates, we focus on the fact that every client is unique. Your case may be similar to other cases we have handled, but we understand that you may have different priorities, unique goals, and specific concerns that need to be addressed. As a result, we take the time to listen carefully and understand your situation. We then work side-by-side with you to provide carefully tailored representation that is designed to meet your individual needs.

Settle Only When It Makes Sense

While it is true that most cases settle out of court, we believe that it is a mistake to proceed on the assumption that your case will settle before trial.

We begin preparing for trial from the very first day we begin handling your case. This means that if settlement becomes an option, you are negotiating from a position of strength. In addition, you can rest assured that we will be well-prepared for trial if your case cannot otherwise be resolved.

We also work with you closely so that you always understand your options and your chances of success. Sometimes, early settlement makes sense when evaluated within a cost-benefit analysis.  We empower our clients by providing them with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about whether they should consider settlement. The decision is always yours. We recommend settlement when it is truly in your best interest.

Pre-litigation Assessment

If you are facing the possibility of litigation, one of the biggest mistakes that clients make is waiting until litigation is inevitable. Whether you would be the plaintiff or the defendant, the sooner you talk to a lawyer about your case, the better.

We are always available to meet with both existing and potential clients to discuss their disputes, even on short notice. We will sit down with you and give you a candid assessment of your position. We will help you understand your options for resolving the matter, both with and without litigation by employing early dispute resolution skills. We can also discuss with you whether we believe in some form of alternative dispute resolution, such as negotiations, early neutral evaluation, mediation or arbitration would be appropriate. If litigation is unavoidable, we can advise you as to the next steps so that you are in the strongest position possible for moving forward.

We Help You Manage Your Costs

As a smaller firm, we understand the importance of making financially responsible decisions. Many litigation cases quickly turn into situations where the client is throwing good money after bad or the results simply will not justify the cost. This is why we are up-front and transparent about the legal fees that you can expect to incur. During the pre-litigation assessment, we will work with you to establish a reasonable litigation budget that serves your goals while minimizing the financial impact of your claim.

Our firm will also assess your case to determine whether you are entitled to pursue a claim for attorney’s fees from the other party. Our clients can rest assured that we are able to deliver high-value, cost-effective litigation representation due to our smaller size and extensive experience in handling complex cases.

We Push Hard to Deliver Results

Aggressive and dedicated, we do not stop until your case is fully resolved. We know how to efficiently navigate the legal system, constantly pushing forward so that your case does not stagnate. We stay focused on getting your case resolved as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. This means that you achieve the resolution you need while minimizing the expense.

We keep you fully engaged throughout the process so that you always know what is happening with your case. The major milestone decisions are always yours to make, and we are in constant communication with you every step of the way. This means that you are able to make informed decisions when needed and there are never any unpleasant surprises. If you ever have questions about your case, you can be confident that we have answers – we respond to every communication from our clients within 12 hours or less.

Contact Coto & Associates for Your Complex Commercial and Civil Litigation Needs

We have been representing individuals and businesses in Puerto Rico since 1999. During that time, we honed our litigation skills to a razor-sharp edge. From sophisticated commercial cases to high-stakes personal injury claims, we have the knowledge and experience you need to meet whatever challenges you may face. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss your case and how we can help.

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