There is no argument that litigation is expensive. In addition to the legal and expert fees it can generate, litigation can also be incredibly time-consuming and create a tremendous amount of stress for the people involved along with lost opportunity costs. Also there are cases where the parties are locked in apparent unresolvable disputes and are forced to stake everything on the outcome of trial.

While litigation is often unavoidable, many parties do not realize that they have options. Focusing on early dispute resolution as we do, can help you contain the dispute and achieve a favorable outcome before the situation deteriorates. At Coto & Associates, we have extensive experience in helping our clients resolve disputes outside of the courtroom by resorting to the myriad of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms that are available to you in order to avoid the burden of court litigation and be able to put a speedy end to the issue. From early neutral evaluation to arbitrations, we have experience in all different types of ADR processes. Arbitration can also be expensive, yet unlike litigation, you have more control of your destiny.

Early Dispute Resolution

Our firm helps our clients by the assessment of the dispute to help resolve it early before considering an alternative dispute resolution process or litigation. We export those skills to our litigation practice. As experienced arbitrators and mediators, we can provide candid advice as to what outcomes you can expect. Our experience in alternative dispute resolution has also helped us hone our negotiation skills, which, in turn, helps us resolve our clients’ disputes as quickly as possible.

Who We Represent

Unlike litigation, resorting to the numerous methods of alternative dispute resolution may be your best decisions. Essentially, all ADR are private and consensual. This means that your dispute is not handled by a judge. Instead, the matter is handled by negotiations between the parties, or by a neutral third party, typically a mediator or arbitrator. The mediator or arbitrator does not necessarily need to be a lawyer. That said, lawyers are often the most skilled mediators and arbitrators due to their knowledge of the law and understanding of how the legal system works. In using alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, you have a say on who your neutral will be.

We work as both mediators and arbitrators, but we also represent and counsel clients involved in the different alternative dispute resolution processes. We believe this gives us an advantage over other firms in this space as we see the issue both as you see it as well as how the arbitrator or mediator might see it. Whether you need someone on your side or someone neutral, we can help.

Let Our Experience Work for You

We have decades of experience in helping people resolve complex conflicts. As mediators, we have a near-perfect track record, resolving 21 of 22 cases that we have handled for parties who have chosen us to mediate their controversies. As arbitrators, we have been appointed by parties, or selected by other arbitrators as the third arbitrator in a three-arbitrator panel, to handle a wide variety of matters that would otherwise go to litigation. We have had success in resolving disputes involving construction, contracts, and distribution and sales representation agreements (under both Act 75 and Act 21). We have also counseled clients in multiple mediations, arbitrations, and other dispute resolution mechanisms.

Let Us Help You Resolve Your Dispute

If you are mired in conflict but do not want to go to litigation, we can help you understand your options. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss how we can help you move forward.

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