When people need a lawyer, they often need more than answers. They need a thorough assessment of their situation. They need someone who can identify both the obvious issues as well as the issues that may not be immediately apparent. They need to understand their options and the likelihood of success. In a word, they need guidance. At Coto & Associates, we believe that your first meeting with us is one of the most important. As a result, we strive to deliver as much value as possible in our general consultations.

12-Hour Turnaround Time

Your issues are important, which is why we will respond to your request for a general consultation within 12 hours or less with an assessment of what you can expect. Our goal is to meet with you as quickly as possible so that we can start moving forward together toward the results you need. Early attention to disputes is key to success.

We Listen

Clients are often anxious about consulting with their lawyer, often because they are not sure whether they have a legal issue. They worry about whether they have gathered the correct documentation or have all of the necessary information.

At Coto & Associates, we want to hear about the challenges you are facing in your own words. We want to hear your story – your personal and business goals and what results you would like to achieve. We listen to your concerns, your priorities, and what you are looking for in terms of legal representation.

Your Case is Our Case

From there, we assess your case, identify the legal issues, and begin developing your legal strategy. To accomplish this, we work with you side-by-side with a high level of communication. Ultimately, we are not just your lawyers – we are your partners, equally invested in the results you hope to achieve.

An Interdisciplinary Approach

Legal issues do not often neatly fit within a single box, especially when it comes to the complex, highly-sensitive matters that we handle for our clients. With over 30 years of experience, we have accumulated extensive experience in a broad spectrum of practice areas. This means that we bring a unique perspective to the table, unlike many other boutique firms that specialize in only one type of case. Our experience across various practice areas allows us to see issues that other firms might miss, and it helps us develop creative strategies and solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our lawyers work together as a team, leveraging their unique talents and experience to drive better results for our clients.

We assist our clients with a wide variety of legal consultations, including the following:

  • Administrative law
  • Creditor’s rights
  • Construction
  • Banking and Finance
  • Corporate
  • Franchising
  • Tax law
  • Bankruptcy
  • Telecommunications
  • Trade regulation
  • Intellectual property
  • Labor and Employment
  • Securities
  • Products liability
  • Probate
  • Civil litigation
  • Antitrust law

Contact Us Today to Discuss Your Case

It is often said that the first step is the hardest step. We are here to make that step as easy as possible – contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss your case and how we can help.

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